business support

Enrich your bond with clients through our interactive, hands-on core concepts! Driven by our education background, they showcase your professional expertise and serve as a gateway to the real, meaningful results that keep clients coming back.

skin bar®

It’s a fact: when clients try, they buy! Invite your clients to take a seat and talk about their skin care needs while you help them experience Dermalogica in a fun setting. Skin Bar creates the ultimate hot spot for expert and client interaction. Clients can play with their prescribed products, ask application questions, get a Face Mapping and even receive professional tips from you to help maximize their results.

face mapping® skin analysis

Every skin has a story – tell it with Face Mapping! Developed by The International Dermal Institute for Dermalogica, Face Mapping skin analysis divides your client’s skin into 14 unique zones, each with a unique set of concerns. A powerful retailing and client retention tool, Face Mapping promotes valuable one-on-one time with clients and has been proven to boost retail sales by as much as 40%. It’s one of many reasons why Dermalogica accounts are the most successful in the business!

facefit treatments

A quick and effective service featuring our innovative products to help clients achieve flawless skin. Ideal for clients who have special events coming up or is in need of a seasonal skin maintenance or just a quick pick-me-up.

proskin treatments

Dermalogica’s ProSkin treatments allow you to design a fully customized treatment based on your clients’ unique lifestyles, schedules and skin concerns. Available in 30-minute or 60-minute forms (or longer), these time-tailored treatments are truly revolutionary because they are customized by you at every step, based upon your client’s consultation and Face Mapping® skin analysis. Using a unique modular approach driven by your knowledge and expertise, ProSkin treatments place the power to change how clients value and care for their skin in your hands.

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