NEW awaken peptide eye gel

Firming, hydrating eye gel with caffeine that utilises a highly active blend with Tetrapeptides and soothing Rosemary Leaf Extract to minimise the appearance of puffiness and fine lines.

what causes puffiness?

Whether they're caused by lack of sleep, allergies, aging, or certain lifestyle factors, puffy, swollen, or tired eyes can affect anyone. Allergies can cause inflammation around the eyes, while premature skin ageing can lead to puffiness in the lower eyelids. Late nights, salty foods or too much time in the sun can also cause puffiness around the eye area. And though there are numerous reasons why we might have swollen undereyes, one thing is for sure - puffiness makes us look tired. With so many tips and tricks for depuffing our eyes, it's hard to know where to turn.

energize puffy eyes

More than just a quick fix, Dermalogica's new Awaken Peptide Eye Gel quickly reduces the appearance of puffiness and wrinkles, while significantly diminishing their appearance over time.

Look more well-rested in 10 minutes*, while benefiting from long-term results.

*Independent clinical test, 32 subjects, 1 application/day for 8 weeks. Measurements at 10 minutes, 4 weeks, and 8 weeks.

how it works

Highly active Peptide blend firms and smooths skin to reduce puffiness

Rosemary Leaf Extract soothes skin and minimises swelling

Bioengineered Succinic Acid helps minimise fine lines and wrinkles

Caffeine reduce the appearance of puffiness

Jojoba Ester promotes hydration and overall skin resilience

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